It’s Been A Year

*Photo from Seattle Art Museum last March, I don’t know the artist but I love the colors, the images and the peacefulness of this piece.

In early March of last year, I decided I was going to do more. I was going to get out more, explore more, find things to do on my own, I felt like I needed a change. Little did I know the Universe had other plans. I became a member of the Seattle Art Museum as my first step to get more art and activities in my life. I remember going to the museum early in March, being nervous with all the news of this new virus coming out. I debated whether to go or not, but finally decided, I wasn’t going to let this scare stop me.

I enjoyed the museum, tried not to touch anything, appreciated the fact that there were not too many people there and explored the various exhibits. That was my last trip to the museum.

This year has been the complete opposite of my mission in March, instead of getting out more, I have stayed in more than ever before. I started teaching yoga in my house, groceries ordered online delivered that day, friends and family meet up on screen instead of around the dinner table.

I have taken more online classes this year than ever before. Classes on memoir writing, facing fears in writing and being creative with writing and other mediums. I have taken classes on mindfulness, Ayurveda and yoga art history. I have joined writing groups with people I have never met in person, but share all the details of my life.

This year has closed us down to the world outside, but when I reflect back on my desire to do more in March of 2020, it seems that even from my home, behind my iPad, I was still able to connect, learn about the things I am interested in and continue to grow.

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