Coming This Summer … My Travel Memoir

Cover Art Work by Siena Gorohoff

What’s It About

Yosemite – May 2016


Travel Journals of an Anxious Mom on the Road

In 2015, Kathy and Andrew Gorohoff, loaded their belongings and two daughters into their truck and camper to homeschool and explore the US & Canada, in search of connection, adventure and freedom.

When Andrew was diagnosed with cancer the year before, they realized there was more to life than the grind of work and school. They decided to use the diagnosis as a catapult to escape the monotony. Between oncologist and specialists appointments, they reserved camping spots and mapped out National Parks to visit.

With Andrew’s clean bill of health the family hit the road. Kathy was ready for an epic adventure and connection with family. Between moments of awe in National Parks, being lost in the back woods of Canada, continuous anxious thoughts and fights that boomed through campgrounds, the trip varied from challenging to wonderful one moment to the next. While connection was her main focus, Kathy learned she needed to let go of expectations and remember that perfection was a destination they would never get to.

While they traveled Kathy kept a journal, this memoir is an adaptation of her journal entries and memories from the trip. Part travel memoir, part guide book, this book will inspire readers to take the adventure they have always dreamed of and offer honest and vulnerable insight on how truly hard and wonderful it will be when they do.

About The Author

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Kathy Gorohoff is a wife, mother of two daughters, yogi, dog mom and lover of travel and sharing her adventures with others. She studied advertising and communications at Washington State University and after graduation traveled the globe where she met her husband in a dirty youth hostel in Paris. 

Together with her husband, she has traveled across the US, Canada and Europe searching for adventure and space. After managing a career in high tech public relations, she moved on to the role of mom, while balancing a property management and real estate job on the side. 

When the idea to pack up their lives and travel around the country in a camper started brewing, Kathy spent years planning, downsizing and focusing on how to make the trip a reality. During the planning phases, she became an independent marketing consultant to take her work on the road and be her own boss. A constant doer and fixer, Kathy is a struggling perfectionist that battles anxiety and depression while managing a household, writing for her blog and teaching yoga in the Seattle area. 

Kathy is a Seattle native and comes from a big Italian Catholic family, its no surprise she loves to cook, be with friends and family and balances the crazy by spending time in nature with her family and her two dogs.

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