Coming Home

Moving, organizing, getting settled. I took a break from the blog last week because I was bit overwhelmed, now I am feeling a bit more grounded in my space. For me it felt like home since the moment we walked in.

The laundry is loud, the space is small, there is barely any storage, but it is our home. The shower is mine, the kitchen is mine, this is the house we brought our babies home to, this is the house that we remodeled and updated. This is our house. It feels a bit smaller than when we left, our girls are older now, but they hibernate to do school and chill out in their rooms, we don’t need spaces for tons of toys or doing gymnastics. We all are able to find our own separate spaces when we need it and we can all be cozy and together if we need it too. I remind myself we lived in a camper for a year, we can handle a smaller space, especially when it feels right, we are closer to our friends and this is our home.

I look forward to watching the leaves on the Japanese Maple tree coming in. I look forward to back yard barbecues with neighbors and walks to the beach with friends. I look forward to my kids walking or driving a short distance to go to school and finding their way home after their day. I look forward to staying put for awhile. Knowing our departure was what we needed to do, but coming back was just as important.

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This is a site about me and for me. A place to put my thoughts down, and to express what I am thinking. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, sometimes just trying to get a message out. Just a place for my voice or thoughts to be heard, even if just for myself.

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