Social Media Detox

Scrolling, scrolling, losing track of time. What is everyone up to? Where are the cute dogs? Maybe I will find some yoga inspiration. Down time, pick up my phone and find the social media. Mainly Facebook and Instagram. I find myself sitting in the same place after twenty minutes, maybe even an hour. Where has the time gone? Here comes the the guilt, what else could I have been doing? For sure something more productive.

I need to get off I tell myself. Delete the apps. Make it harder than just picking up the phone to see the outside world. “But I can’t” I tell myself, “I use social media to share my writing and my yoga classes” and really, that is what I use it for, but I also TAKE IN so much more.

The time has come that I need a social media detox. I am removing the apps from my phone and my iPad for the month of October. Possibly longer. Lately, I have feeling down, my sense of purpose is waning, I need something to look forward to and I am realizing I need a break from outside influences. It is no surprise that these platforms cause anxiety and depressions in teens, and it does the same for adults mental health as well. When we are constantly looking outside ourselves for something to fill us, it actually makes us feel worse.

I admire those people that have a healthy relationship with social media, they don’t look at it, not interested in it, can pop in from time to time and not get attached. I am not those people. I do get FOMO and in order to recenter myself, I need to go cold turkey.

My goal is to fill my cup with more nature, reading, arts and crafts and get back to writing my memoir. I am sure I will have moments that I am sitting in a waiting room or waiting for the girls in the car and I will be drawn to pull out my phone, but I will still have Duolingo, so I will brush up on my Italian. Or maybe I will just enjoy the simple stillness.

I do still have the concern of publishing my blog and promoting my yoga classes. I was hoping to find a way to easily push my blog posts to my Facebook and Instagram. Without going into too many boring details, it is not as easy or cheap as I was hoping and in the end it was making me more frustrated. I may not have all the right tools or know all the ins and outs of it, but in the end, I was spending more time in front of my computer trying to figure it out, which is what I am trying to avoid.

So for now, when I write a blog post I will only share it on my Kathy Gorohoff Yoga Facebook page and my Twitter page, I can’t post it to my personal page, without going on to Facebook. If you feel inspired by what you have read, please leave a comment on the blog or share it to your network. I would love that!

If you would like to stay connected to my blog, you can either:

1. Sign up to follow the blog: scroll to the bottom of this page, add your email and get the posts right into your inbox.


2. Like my Kathy Gorohoff Yoga page.

I will still be teaching yoga on Monday mornings. All the details for the class can be found here, send me a note if you want the link for Monday’s classes.

Starting on Friday, October 1st, I will miss seeing all your kids, I will likely miss your birthday. I will miss seeing your vacations and weekend activities. I will miss my Australian Shepherd Group and reading about all the angry people in the neighborhood. Hopefully someone will call or text me if there is something important I need to know about school or if there are friends in need. But otherwise, I will be heading out of social media world in hopes to find a bit more peace within myself.

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