Stay light and joyful…

Photo Credit: Andrew – Flashback to light and joyful days, December 2015, full moon off the coast of Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico

We had a full moon this week. I shared this passage from the Power Path with my class on Wednesday, “Known as the snow moon, this full moon is much about balance between being and doing, between the masculine and the feminine, between being serious and disciplined and light and joyful.”

During my break this month, I am embracing the idea of balancing between being and doing. It seems I am always in the mode of doing more. Getting more done. Trying to be enough. When we are able to balance between both these ideas, adding in more fun and free time among our serious time helps to add in more optimism, gratitude, community and support which are all themes around this full moon.

One of my favorite and relaxing past times is reading. More specifically, listening to audiobooks provides an opportunity to tune into a new world and in some cases, with the books I am listening to, hear the fun and interesting stories by someone I am curious about. I love most memoirs read by the authors, most recently I have enjoyed memoirs by: Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith, Kal Penn and this week, Rob Lowe. Rob and I had a lovely week, running with my pup, driving around running errands, getting chores done and just resting and reminiscing on all the great movies of my youth; The Outsiders, St. Elmo’s Fire and About Last Night and then moving into one of my favorite shows of all time The West Wing. Which I am now rewatching over twenty years after its release. The show is smart and funny and reminds me of my good friend, Ron, who we lost in 2021. He and I would watch the show back in the day and if we didn’t watch it together we would report back later in the week about it. Ron was a victim of the pandemic. Not Covid, but from isolation, which I learned this week in my yoga teacher training (Yoga for Healthy Aging) that isolation and loneliness can lead to an increased link to cardiovascular disease. While this isn’t exactly what happen to Ron, isolation did play a part in his suffering. It still makes me sad I never got to properly say goodbye to my friend, watching this show brings back great memories of our friendship.

This full moon and this month is providing me the opportunity to relax, connect to the past and remember what is important and what I am grateful for; family, friends and free time. This blog might be a bit rambling and all over the place today, but my point of it all is to remember to stay light and joyful and connect with others.

So, let’s connect! Tell me how are you staying joyful in your free time? What are you watching? What books are you reading or listening to?

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This is a site about me and for me. A place to put my thoughts down, and to express what I am thinking. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, sometimes just trying to get a message out. Just a place for my voice or thoughts to be heard, even if just for myself.

2 thoughts on “Stay light and joyful…

  1. Nice pic! We had a joyful weekend of watching my sweet girl Natalie play her heart out with her volleyball team. Las Vegas is not exactly the place to rejuvenate but we sure had fun. Playing, walking and connecting with new mom friends as she loved her time with her pals on and off the court.


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