What Do You Love About Yourself?

Last week, I had a lovely mid week get away, with fully vaccinated friends. We talked, we laughed, we walked, we did yoga, I twisted my ankle, we ate lots of food and enjoyed each other’s company in a super beautiful and relaxing setting.

When you are able to hang out uninterrupted with your best friends the talks are more than just chit chat, we dive deep, and we talk about it all.

One conversation we had was about how we feel about our bodies. I have always struggled with my weight, my self image and accepting where I am right now. Always striving for perfection, but never ever really feeling like I can get there. I can run marathons, work out everyday, do 108 sun salutations, give me a challenge and I am usually up for it, but when I look at my body, I don’t always see all the amazing things it can do. I see thick thighs, cellulite on my butt and saggy arms.

When I was having this discussion with my friend, talking about being obsessed about the scale. Not wanting to give it up. But in the same breath trying to model healthy body image for my girls, because the last thing I want in my life is for my girls to have a negative self image.

My friend says to me “What if you give yourself one positive affirmation each day, in front of your kids?” What if? What would that do for them? Instead of just trying not to say anything negative, what if I actually modeled and demonstrated self love in front of my girls?

Then I realize maybe I don’t have to say things like I love my strong thighs, because honestly I am not there yet. But what if I can share how much I love my body’s resiliency, because even though I twisted my ankle, when I take care of it, I am bouncing back and will be healed soon because I am being mindful.

I still have a long way to go. And with a society that focuses on beauty and outward appearances, in order for my girls to hear me, I will have to cut through a lot of noise, but the idea is to just keep at it. Every little drop in the bucket will make a difference. That’s what I need to remember and keep working toward.

So, now each day, I will ask myself: What do I love about myself? I invite you to do the same!

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This is a site about me and for me. A place to put my thoughts down, and to express what I am thinking. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, sometimes just trying to get a message out. Just a place for my voice or thoughts to be heard, even if just for myself.

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