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There is a lot of talk about mindfulness and meditation these days. An opportunity to connect and recenter. But mindfulness doesn’t always have to mean a silent retreat and you don’t always have to meditate on a cushion in your private yoga sanctuary. While these might be wonderful ways to get away, they are not realistic for most people.

I read an article the other day from a newsletter I get each day called The Daily Good from The Good Trade. It is a super simple newsletter with recommendations on podcasts, books, recipes and interesting articles.

The story that caught my eye was 99 Ways To Add Mindfulness To Your Day, at first I thought this sounded overwhelming, I can’t do 99 things each day, but that wasn’t the point. The idea is to add small moments into your day when you CAN.

These were some of my favorite ideas:

• #3: Breathe. More specifically “Step outside to breathe the fresh air and get a sense for what the day may bring.” This is a powerful way to start your day.

• #6: “Meditate in the shower. Focus on the smell of the soap and how the warm water feels on your skin.” Just that simple, take time in the shower, something we do once a day, where you can be truly present.

• #17: Mindful eating. Something I am always working on, but I like the idea of trying to “pay attention to how food tastes and feels on your tongue. Experience how a warm mug curves gracefully in your palms.”

• #48: “Stop and smell the flowers. Reach out and touch a leaf or a tree trunk. Experience the joy of running your hands or bare feet through grass and earth. Indulge your senses with nature.” I just don’t do this enough.

• #52: “Hug your partner, friend, or pet for 30 seconds. Speak sweet affirmations to them.” This is such a sweet idea, hug and tell those you love that you appreciate them. Hugging is coming back! Go get your shots!

• #57: “Tell your co-workers or team that you are thankful for their work. Thank your barista for making you a delightful cup of coffee and your mail carrier for delivering your package. Just thank someone.” This is just nice to do and makes everyone feel good. I would add in give compliments too, same idea but telling someone what you like about them or that they are offering something you appreciate makes everyone happy!

• #97: And this, just because; “Pause when the sunshine hits your face. Embrace its warmth. Pause when the wind hits your face. Embrace its chill.” Be in the moment.

My suggestions to you is to read the whole article and then pick out a few you might be able to fit into your day or week.

I will start by saying Thank You to the The Daily Good and Emily Torres for this great article that gives us so many wonderful reminders to connect to the world around us and be present each day!

Happy Friday, Friends! Thanks for reading!!

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