What We’re Eating This Week…

*Photo credit (top) http://www.wanderingwagars.com (bottom) me – Monday’s dinner – Icelandic Baked Fish

Our family has taken on an self-created, International Food Challenge. It all started because my oldest daughter, Siena, has become a bit worn out by her staple quarantine lunch which has been white rice with an egg, soy sauce, sesame oil and whatever greens we might have on hand, onions, broccoli, bok choy. This is a good lunch and fills her up, but she came to me last week and said she wanted to branch out with her food choices.

So, last week we came up with a list of fifty countries, regions or cuisines spanning across the globe, then she built a handy wheel that we can virtually spin (or tap) on her phone. We press the button, the wheel spins and then one of the countries or cuisines pops up. We decided we would do two a week and see what type of meals we could come up with.

Sunday morning, before I started to plan groceries and meals for the week we sat around looking at the phone and “spun” the wheel. First stop – Iceland, next stop – Vietnam.

The next search was for Icelandic foods on Pinterest and recipes for Pho and Bah Min sandwiches. Our menu this week will now include; Icelandic Baked Fish, Fiskisupa: Icelandic Fish Soup, then switching gears to Vietnamese Pho (something like this) and then some Bah Minh Sandwiches (vegetarian for Siena).

The remaining nights of the week we will either order take out or eat left overs. Making dinner each night of the week is a challenge enough, but I am excited my daughter wants to try new things, so I am up for it. Seems like a great way to bring awareness to cultures and foods that are new to us, as well as learning where our food is coming from. I was surprised and excited the cod in my freezer was already from Iceland.

If you have any recipe suggestions from your favorite cuisine please let me know, I am sure it’s on the wheel and it will eventually pop up!

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