Parallels of Life on the Road & Life in Quarantine

Photo: Homeschooling in the Camper, December 2015

Does anyone else feel like they are constantly running out of toilet paper and the dishwasher is always full? Is that just me? Maybe that’s why we were all hoarding the TP at the beginning of quarantine, everyone was home. Everyday. All. Day. Long.

And yet, there is a simplicity to the days at home, no rush to get out in the morning. No waiting for Dad to return home from work to have dinner. These things I do enjoy. These are the moments that remind me of our year on the road. It was just us, all day, everyday. Our days were simple.

I have noticed a lot of parallels between our nine month camper trip and our quarantine life. While the girls were five years younger and our space was much smaller; homeschooling, spending all the days together and missing our friends are the same.

Homeschooling on the road looked a bit different, we didn’t have online classes or any support from teachers. Our classroom was the national park we would be visiting that day and math was from a workbook at our tiny dinette table in the camper. Andrew and I balanced the teaching responsibilities, while he focused mostly on math and science, I took over writing and art. The struggle to get the kids motivated to work remains the same. Luckily now we have the support from their schools, giving us a break from being the authoritarian the whole time.

The constant togetherness is another theme that runs true from our time in the camper. Eating, sleeping, dressing and even bathroom time. All together. In the camper, our quarters were tiny. Showering meant the girls and I would grab our toiletries and shuffle off to a campground bathroom, we would each find a stall and get ourselves clean, the girls arguing about having to share shampoo and soap. Me, wondering when the next time I might be able to shower in peace would be.

Today, we are in a big house, with multiple bathrooms and plenty of extra space. While we are all together everyday, we are generally apart, separated in our rooms, passing by in the kitchen for lunch. The highlights might be the pass by kiss before Andrew heads to work in the basement and a sip of his freshly brewed coffee before he disappears for hours of calls. Maybe a quick snuggle from my youngest between classes or company on errands from my oldest after school and walks after dinner with the dog.

Socializing is much different, yoga classes in the guest room, zoom happy hours by the fire and maybe a socially distant visit every few months. We miss family gatherings and easily seeing our friends without the impending doom that we are going to infect someone or get sick ourselves. On the road we didn’t see our friends or family much either, but when we did see them, the first thing we did was give a big, strong hug. Oh, how I miss hugging.

There is a lot I miss these days, but also so much I am grateful for and I realize I can have both these feelings at the exact same time.

Tell me, what do you miss most in these quarantine days and at the same time, what are you so grateful for?

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