*Screenshot of my Wordle a few weeks ago, when I just couldn’t figure it out…

Wordle. This little game has added new joy to my morning routine. Not just because its fairly easy and quick to play (here’s a run down of the game if you are not familiar) but because since I started playing, my mom, sisters and high school aged daughters and nieces are all on a group chat where we share our scores each morning. I laugh when Natalie or Siena have done the Wordle at midnight the night before, that will never be me, my mind does not work well that late. I love that Micheli is always the first one in the morning to share her score. I am thrilled when Nadia chimes in with her score, but I am pretty sure she has our chat muted, but I know it brings joy to my Mom that she is playing a fun game with her family each day. And it makes me laugh to annoy my sister when I “love” all the text results as they come in.

We’ll often curse the game and ourselves for taking so long or not getting it at all, which was the case in this photo, I blamed my failed game on lack of caffeine. I played the game out of order in my normal routine for the morning. I won’t do that again!

I read one article that called it yoga for the brain, I love that metaphor, not just because I love yoga too, but because it’s a gentle way to exercise the brain and in our case it also connects us to family that are far away.

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